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The information provided on this website is meant for personal education and interpersonal dissemination. Please, do not try to push this information into the domain of public discussion and do not try to force a change onto the existing situation under the leadership of David Miscavige.

If you are a parishioner in a church of Scientology, you should not take this information directly into the Church. Instead, you should invest the time into studying the materials and insights laid out here and on and – in order to get a full grasp of the extent and complexity of the situation, which necessarily involves a good understanding of the psychological condition of people still stuck in the “matrix of thought” and behavior dictated by Scientology ideas and policy along with the false picture of reality constructed by literally decades of skilled disinformation by David Miscavige and Church personnel under his leadership.

Give yourself time to work through the information and sit back. The very fact of your awareness and subtle radiation of that awareness into the environment will already be working to resolve the situation.

You should not feel obligated to do anything about the actual situation. The situation will organically “unwind” and resolve as more people become aware of this information, but it has to be a gradual and organic process to allow people to adjust to a new way of thinking and looking at things.

In sharing it with another, assess whether that person is ready for this information. If someone is still too engrained in the delusion, please let them be. Do not try to “shock” someone into these revelations. Start small and see if you can find an opening – such as, see if a person can entertain at least a general notion that something could be wrong and have the desire to look at more information to know for oneself.

For example, you can start by asking if a person ever saw the 2007 event about the Basics and ask them what they thought of it, if anything seemed strange to them, if they had some “wonders” in the back of their mind that they never voiced. In other words, you need to find an analytical opening for the receipt of this information on their own initiative.

If you feel like the person with whom you want to share this information will not follow this instruction, please do not share it with them.

There will be a time when this information will eventually work itself into public discourse and awareness, at which point this instruction will obviously become obsolete.

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