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Dianetics: The Original Thesis


Note: On this page I posted video analysis that I created for this book. These videos are a result of my first attempt at producing professional quality educational material. It turned out to be a LOT of work that was already within a larger pool of work in terms of this and other websites. What I am posting are complete drafts, not the final versions (as per my standard of what the final work would need to be like). I wanted to record my analysis in my own voice as I think this could be a more effective communication as opposed to just typing something up. I realize there are imperfections like changes in the tone of my voice from one statement to the next (as I recorded them separately and then combined them) or using the word “text” just too many times in Part 2. But this information is long overdue and it would be delayed for more days and weeks if I start investing any more time into trying to perfect these videos. So I decided to upload the best of what I have so far and think about improving it later, if I get around to it. In order to have more control over viewing the videos, you can download them to your computer. In Firefox, you can right click and choose “Save Video As…” while the video is playing. Please, do not reupload these videos elsewhere on the Internet without my permission.

The Original Thesis is one of the most vandalized editions, and coincidentally it is one of the most valuable ones. It includes some concepts and definitions that are not available in any other materials. The original edition also includes some key “OT data” which was deleted from the 2007 remake – unique definitions of the Sevenths and Eights Dynamics that are of extreme value when it comes to achieving higher states of consciousness and understanding.

Abnormal and Dynamic Dianetics

DM’S CLAIM: Well, LRH certainly wanted the name of the book changed, he did not say to delete “Abnormal Dianetics” – the phrase – from the text and for good reason: The original makes a great distinction between Abnormal Dianetics, Dynamic Dianetics, Child Dianetics and so forth. However, that 1951 editor having decided to delete the phrase “Abnormal Dianetics” from the book found it impossible as paragraphs would no longer make any sense. So what did she do? You guessed it – delete entire paragraphs. So don’t wonder why the text might have previously seemed disjointed – it was!
Even David Miscavige himself noted that the book was published with UPDATED TERMINOLOGY. This fact is stated in the original description of the book (Tech Vol 1) as well as the original Forward. Abnormal and Dynamic Dianetics are OBSOLETE TERMS that are not mentioned or defined in any materials covering the subject of Dianetics. Reintroducing such terms only serves to introduce UNNECESSARY CONFUSION and makes the text INCOMPREHENSIBLE especially when considered with other edits that were introduced in that area of text.

Additional note: The original text is very simple and straightforward and brings the much needed clarity to the subject of Dianetics. It is the 2007 text that is actually “disjointed” as it reintroduces obsolete terms that unnecessarily BREAK UP a simple and unified concept of “Dianetics” into the two non-existing and undefined subjects: Abnormal and Dynamic Dianetics. One of DM’s statements from the 2007 GAK: INTRODUCTORY SEGMENT directly applies:

total garbles – parts of text specifically said to be deleted by LRH but left in anyway causing complete mystery


Engram Definition
David Miscavige deleted a KEY PARAGRAPH that provides a unique, one of a kind, TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OF AN ENGRAM – a key concept on which the entire subject of Dianetics is constructed. This is in addition to all the other malicious edits implemented in the 2007 edition.


Chapter on Auditing

DM: Next there was a chapter on auditing where LRH directed its update to specifically remove the section written for the medicos. Here, the editor liked certain parts of the original and so you end up with a nightmare scenario where she deleted entire paragraphs correctly but left in a few sentences from the middle of those deleted paragraphs. So you no longer need to wonder about sentences that caused you to think: “Where did THAT come from?!”

Total lie! What David Miscavige actually did is eliminate a PAGE AND A HALF of very valuable, unique content – only to be found in this book! – where Ron Hubbard expressed his general considerations on the subject of therapy. This unique text was replaced with a near duplicate text from Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health that describes the auditing process in more detail – something that The Original Thesis was never meant to do, as it was a book of Hubbard’s initial considerations on the subject. The removed content is continuous and not any more technical than the volumes of truly technical content that can be found in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

Then in another part of this same chapter, unique and very valuable information on the use of DREAMS in early Dianetic techniques was also eliminated. This is one of a kind information that I did not encounter in any other material; and though dream analysis was dropped from subsequent use in “standard” Dianetics, this information is of extreme value in understanding the developmental track of the subject and practice of Dianetics.


Table of Contents and Two Added Chapters


Analysis of Additional Alterations in Wording


Study Simulation and Analysis of Word Definitions

This is a partial video of Part 5. I will reupload the video with the remaining portions once they are finalized.

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