SET 2: S8-80 | COHA | HOM

SET 2: S8-80 | COHA | HOM

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Scientology: 8-80


Except for the note about the “beam of light,” this entire segment is a COMPLETE FABRICATION.

DM: The Auditor’s Code chapter was too short to his liking so he added the full two pages.

Yes, the original book included a complete description of the Auditor’s Code and the logic behind it – in the 2007 “remake” all replaced with a sentence:

You can find the Auditor’s Code elsewhere. It is enough, here, to say that an auditor is one who clears away the errors of his fellows and that a good auditor, in doing so, does not lay further error in.

Evidently, church staff under David Miscavige are liberally rewriting Ron Hubbard’s books to their own liking and then reselling these “remakes” to the public under the name of L. Ron Hubbard.

The books were meant to be SELF-CONTAINED so each book included everything that it needed to include to provide all the necessary information. This book contained latest Scientology auditing techniques as of the time of its first publication in November 1952 so of course the complete Auditor’s Code was included. How could it be any other way?



DM: Just for good measure, he also sprinkled a few clarifying paragraphs in the various chapters intermixed with LRH edits.

With all the state of the art technology at Scientology’s Golden Era Productions, they still couldn’t manage to produce an animation clear enough so that the text could be easily seen. Of course, making it blurry and hard to see is a part of the deceptive presentation – to provide an ILLUSION of showing specifics while not showing the actual specifics. Otherwise, why even make an animation and not show clear photographs of actual pages? Like so:

Of course, when you look at it in detail, it becomes very obvious that David Miscavige and his church staff did not make a correction but an actual destructive alteration to L. Ron Hubbard’s original content – by removing an important technical note with respect to processing a wide-open case. A “wide-open case” is a technical term that is covered in the previous materials on Dianetics and which was also defined in the extensive glossary of this book – a glossary that was completely removed by Miscavige (see below).

Notice that church staff at the time of L. Ron Hubbard did not even dare to change “What to Audit” into “Scientology: A History of Man” in 1977 reprint even though the book since long been published under that title. Instead, they added a footnote which is the exact right way to go about it.

For a list of other alterations to the text of Scientology 8-80, visit the Alteration Report at


DM: Hey, since he’s liking his work, why not just write a Forward. Don’t sign it so it appears to be LRH and call it “What is Scientology?” no less. He did.

Actually, “What is Scientology?” chapter is a direct copy of an article from the very first issue of “The Journal of Scientology” with a few additional paragraphs to introduce “Technique 8-80” and explain the meaning of the numbers “8-80.” A copy of this very article from “The Journal of Scientology” (JOS) is included in Volume I of the Technical Bulletins volumes. So the chapter was definitely authored, or at the least approved, by L. Ron Hubbard. How could it be any other way? He used the book as a textbook in his courses!


DM: Oh, he also had some writing with his own byline, but after all his writings did have the word “Scientology” in the title, and the book also had “Scientology” in its title so why not make them the last chapter? He did.

This is where the intentional manufacturing of disinformation truly shines through in the presentation because it does not even say “Amendments” in the actual books – it says APPOSITIONS! And it was compiled by HER, not “him” – as Alphia is most definitely a female name.

It begins with an enlightening essay of comparing the mind to a computer, then talks about Scientology in relation to working with the mind and remarks on the importance of understanding Scientology terminology: “The definitions used in Scientology are the tools.” And then it continues to present an extensive 30 page glossary which could be considered as the very first rendition of DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY TECHNICAL DICTIONARY.

Scientology 8-80 is a technical book that utilizes a lot of terminology from the previous materials without much explanation so it necessitated not just a glossary with brief definitions but an actual dictionary with extended but concise explanations of the terms. This means that some of the content in provided definitions is unique to this book specifically designed to enlighten the new students of Scientology who may not have had full exposure to the previous materials. It is a true must have for anyone wanting to gain greater clarity in the subject of Scientology. What’s even more amazing is that it includes an entry on the PINEAL GLAND and its potential inhibition due to calcium deposits (as well as whole track implants). There has been much talk about the pineal gland and the need for its “decalcification” in the spiritual circles of the 21st century – it is simply mind blowing to find out that this was already known among Scientologists way back in the 1950’s.

A PDF of all the removed content is provided for your convenience. The file is larger than usual because it was exported with lossless quality to ensure top quality in viewing the text.


DM: As for the original hand-written text that comprised “Scientology: 88,” well, obviously the last chapter of that hand written book had to go for a reason only known to him, but no doubt out of one of those electronic implants on the whole track.

Apparently, David Miscavige doesn’t bother to look into Scientology materials for himself because the reason for why that page was not included is clearly explained in the First Technical Bulletins Volume on the very next page after the description of Scientology 88. There is a note at the bottom stating that “When Scientology 8-80 was printed, incorporating the data from Scientology 88, the rundowns had changed so this was not included.”

Of course, any Scientologist, if they looked at the added “Auditing Formula” in the 2007 remake of the book and really thought about it, they would immediately recognize that the formula looks outdated and quite inappropriate in light of the long established differentiation between the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology since the formula involves Handbook for Preclears – a book which is classified under the subject of Dianetics, not Scientology. Dianetics does not directly deal with “theta clearing” which is a specific topic that falls under the subject of Scientology. The First Technical Bulletins Volume also provides the updated procedure for Theta Clearing at the time (PDF), and as expected it involves exteriorization (a practice of separating one’s consciousness from the body).


DM: And finally place the new chapters in the wrong sequence and wuola! – the published Scientology 8-80.

Just one lie after another. There was nothing wrong with the chapter sequence. Chapters in the 2007 “remake” appear in the exact same order except for one chapter – “The Manifestations of Energy” – which was unnecessarily moved two chapters down. In the original, this chapter was right before “Preclears and Bodies” and after “Emotional Concepts and Brackets.” It is impossible to make a comparison slide of this because there was no table of contents in the original publications of this book, and chapters were simply named CHAPTER ONE, CHAPTER TWO and so on – no specific chapter names.

It should also be noted that the chapters in Scientology 8-80 are more distinct (not easily related) bodies of information. It is not like a “story” or a progressive description of one unified theory where chapters flow one to the next such as the case with Dianetics: The Modern Science of Modern Health or many other books in the set.

The ORGANIZING and UNIFYING factor in this book was served by the chapters AROUND the main content – chapters like the EDITORIAL NOTE 1952 explaining who L. Ron Hubbard was in relation to this book and the subject of Scientology, WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY? to describe and define the subject of Scientology as well as the meaning of “8-80” and then the APPOSITIONS essay along with the dictionary at the end – all of the rudimentary chapters that were removed by David Miscavige and his staff.

These explanatory chapters placed the relatively “raw” and technical set of chapters into a UNIFIED PERSPECTIVE – one general view which grouped and related all the pieces. Without these chapters that brought the subject of Scientology and the more technical chapters into a clear perspective, the book is a “mystery.” It looks like a set of seemingly unrelated chapters where it is hard to grasp the general view or the general purpose of the book to begin with – because the essential information that was supposed to provide a reader with a more GENERAL COGNITIVE FRAMEWORK for understanding the more technical and specific information is MISSING in the 2007 remake.


DM: Now, that guy was discovered to say the least. In fact, discovered 50 years ago. Indeed, he can now probably wear a badge as one of the first full fledged and fully declared “squirrels.”

Yet, and you won’t believe it, except for his self-blessed AMENDMENTS virtually every one of his alter-is’s remained to this day which doesn’t say much for editors at the time who were aware of all the data I’ve just given you but left it as is. Well, let’s just chock that omission up to one of the many reasons LRH wrote “Keeping Scientology Working.” And the good news tonight is that those alterations have now been hammered so far out of existence, they are in another time warp.
[audience clapping]

And Scientology 8-80 is now LRH’s 8-80!

David Miscavige makes up a bunch of lies to discredit and vandalize Ron Hubbard’s original works, and then he uses the lies to make degrading remarks about the “editors” – and all of this to the loud applause of a few thousand Scientologists in the audience. It’s almost too incredible to believe, but here it is.

And indeed, it does seem like David Miscavige is talking about himself a lot of times when he talks about some other people who supposedly messed it up.



The Creation of Human Ability


DM: Did it not strike you as slightly odd that the LRH “Forward” of the book appears on page 247?

It is highly doubtful that anyone ever thought that this was a forward of the book. It is very clear from the table of contents that the book is a collection of publications, and in the book that David Miscavige showed on the screen, which is a 1989 “Library” edition, the different issues are even separated with a separate page naming the issue.

And it has always been clear from the very first publication:

It is interesting to note that Church staff member(s) who created the animation for this segment of DM’s presentation missed placing the word FORWARD when reproducing the above image in an animation. It is kind of an odd mistake to make considering the fact that David Miscavige specifically talked about the Forward appearing on this page.



DM: While if only to add insult to injury the alleged LRH Preface was never intended as a Preface. It is a letter, which is why it ends with the words “Sincerely, L. Ron Hubbard.”

2007 COHA

David Miscavige must be serving some kind of a higher purpose in Scientology – as a living proof of the utter failure of Scientology to produce individuals of higher awareness and self-determination. It seems quite the opposite result was achieved. It only requires a minimum amount of thought and observation to see through DM’s lies, and even that Scientologists have failed to do, and continue to fail to do so for many years – “faithfully” replaying the video of this event to every newcomer into Scientology, without question.

So while David Miscavige claimed that this body of text was never meant to be a Preface because it was a “letter,” what did he replace it with in the new 2007 edition? It is truly something to behold… Another LETTER from LRH that was never even meant for this book to begin with! It is a partial reproduction of a letter that served as a Preface, or yes another one, for “AUDITOR’S HANDBOOK (Intensive Procedure)” which became only one of a number of issues included in the The Creation of Human Ability.

The one immediate question continues to come up in response to Miscavige’s “convincing rhetoric” is: WHERE! WAS! HUBBARD! when the book was initially compiled? Who decided to include that “letter” as a Preface of the book? Who could have possibly made such a decision when Ron Hubbard was still there, other than Ron Hubbard himself?

DM is making it sound like the book was created by someone other than the actual author of the book – L. Ron Hubbard himself. How could it be any other way when Ron Hubbard was still there directly in charge of Scientology and especially its publications? Who could have decided what was to go in the book and in what order other than L. Ron Hubbard himself?

There seems to be a staggering lack of INDEPENDENT REASONING among Scientologists who only think with reasoning and information that they are provided, and no further.

David Miscavige isn’t undoing the work of “them” – some people that were supposedly behind compiling Ron Hubbard’s books – he is undoing the work of the Founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, himself. This is so obvious, yet so many Scientologists fail to pose even the simplest questions to see the obvious flaws in DM’s made up story that he tries to present as the truth. And there isn’t even a “story” in this instance – he simply says that it was “never intended” as a Preface because it was a “letter,” and evidently that is all the “reasoning” required to remove one of the most important pieces of communication by the Founder of Scientology to Scientologists. So now that the text of this “letter” was removed from the published book, where can it be found in the Church under David Miscavige?

This so called “letter” lays down the basic logic for how a newcomer into Scientology was to be taught and trained, and how the different sections of this book were to be used in that process. Though of course the exact layout of the training program has changed over the years, this letter represents the initial logic that served as the basis for what later developed into the training side of Scientology BRIDGE. This “letter” could be said to be the initial manuscript by the Founder which served as the basis for developing a specific route in the study and the practice of Scientology.

Without this PREFACE, the book is now a collection of issues with no guidance as to how they were/are meant to be used or how they relate to each other. This is very similar to what happened with Scientology 8-80 when David Miscavige removed WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY? introductory chapter along with other chapters that were designed to provide the OVERALL COGNITIVE FRAMEWORK – an analytical foundation through which all the other pieces of material can be organized, related and understood.

The specific chronological order is virtually irrelevant since the chronological order in this instance says NOTHING about what to actually do with the material or how to understand it in light of the OVERALL VIEW of Scientology theory and practice. This overall view is established by this Preface letter without which, not only issues in this book – The Creation of Human Ability – look like a collection of disconnected and not easily related material, but ALL of Scientology materials now look that way. [I am speaking from personal experience of how discovering and reading this removed chapter placed everything in perspective.]

This letter is a keystone in the arch of Scientology without which there is just a heap of stones that are yet to be assembled into an arch – a COGNITIVE KEYSTONE, so to speak, that places all the other materials into an orderly and meaningful formation.

A PDF of Preface from 1976 reprint is provided for your convenience.



A History of Man

David Miscavige didn’t say much about A History of Man during the event, but here again we have a case of removal of some key connecting material.

As stated in the original description of this book:

A later edition made a few revisions and added in references to Scientology 8-8008, and in some cases substituted “8-8008” for “Technique 88.”

All of these changes were reversed in the 2007 remake resulting in a removal of a key body of text describing the key logic behind Creative Processing and its use in auditing whole track incidents.

In Scientology language, this is like key “OT data” that also establishes the much needed COGNITIVE CONNECTION between earlier material on the subject of whole track and the later concepts and methodology of Creative Processing. Without this “connecting” body of text, it is again not very clear how one set of material – on Creative Processing – is related to another set – on whole track auditing with the earlier techniques. There is a “gap” in understanding the developmental lineup that is not as easily filled without this key body of text.

Regardless of what anyone may think about Ron Hubbard’s ideas on “whole track” or the various processing techniques in Scientology, it is impossible to evaluate material when it is simply not there, or to evaluate Scientology in general when it becomes very difficult to form a clear, connected view of all the different aspects that comprise Scientology to begin with.

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